Saturday, October 30, 2010

You can be the one

Some shots of my outfit today, first time I wore an almost all black outfit that I actually liked. Cause I usually am not a all black person hahaha. I love the new studded black boots I got, they were only 25 dollars! They're comfy and I needed a pair of ankle boots like that ;)

1st photo: the armor ring I found

 pants, shirt, knuckle ring & leather jacket from Forever21; scarf, boots and 3 of my rings from Ardene & Claires;  necklaces are DIY-ed!

Not the best quality of photos but its good enough for now, need to wait until Christmas to get my DSLR!
I have this leather jacket but I'm also looking for one that's a bit more loose and has a folding collar.
Finding leather jackets can be so difficult for me sometimes cause an M fits but its a bit tight, but a size L is way too big. ahh the search continues, and when I find it, I'm gonna DYI some studs on it too!

I love Late Night Alumni, their music is so calming,  perfect for studying.

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