Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh na na

I've been crazy obsessed with Rihanna's new song with my lover Drake, called What's My Name so hence the song title. Drake was selected as one of the men of the year by GQ Magazine! I'm so proud. hahaha love Drizzy :D
Here are my picks of the week!
I'm so fucked for school. lol got 6 assignments due next week

(via Studded Hearts, Stockholm Streetsyle)

I'll be doing a post for only shoes next week! stay tuned.

I love Drizzy. Super jealous of Rihanna in the video psh lol

Sunday, November 7, 2010

All of the Lights

Picks of the week!

LANVINxH&M ballerina dress in grey!
I personally think that Lanvin x H&M was the best designer collaboration H&M had up to date.

images via Jak&Jil, Stockholm Streetstyle, Sina Streetstyle, Streetsfn, Vanessa Jackman

New Kanye featuring John Legend, Rihanna & others:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LANVIN x H&M picks

Obviously, like everyone is, I'm excited for the launch of the LANVIN x H&M Collection!
Even though I won't have the opportunity to wear each garment from the collection daily, I love Albert Elbaz and I love the collection. The following are my favorites! 

I love the vibrant shade of pink and mustard yellow used. I love the ballerina inspired dress in both grey and red because its so elegant and sophisticated. I was expecting that there would be more casual wear, but the dresses on the most part did not disappoint. The men's collection is even better than than the  women's I would say because of the tailoring and colors and casualness. I want a cardigan from the mens collection! Even though these are my favorites, I think I will only end up purchasing the sunglasses & skirt. I really like the skirt in white & black and the shades are a definite yes. I'm going to battle people if I have to. hahahah

Saturday, October 30, 2010

You can be the one

Some shots of my outfit today, first time I wore an almost all black outfit that I actually liked. Cause I usually am not a all black person hahaha. I love the new studded black boots I got, they were only 25 dollars! They're comfy and I needed a pair of ankle boots like that ;)

1st photo: the armor ring I found

 pants, shirt, knuckle ring & leather jacket from Forever21; scarf, boots and 3 of my rings from Ardene & Claires;  necklaces are DIY-ed!

Not the best quality of photos but its good enough for now, need to wait until Christmas to get my DSLR!
I have this leather jacket but I'm also looking for one that's a bit more loose and has a folding collar.
Finding leather jackets can be so difficult for me sometimes cause an M fits but its a bit tight, but a size L is way too big. ahh the search continues, and when I find it, I'm gonna DYI some studs on it too!

I love Late Night Alumni, their music is so calming,  perfect for studying.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

& I wonder, what it means to find your dreams

I'm procrastinating and having a major writers block so here I am writing a post on my gold rings loll.
Just watched Kanye West's Runaway film, loved it. esp the ballerina part
 My 2 arty's.
 Love them.
 Connector Rings
 My favorite gold rings
 the one on the left on my index finger is my fav ring. I bought it at a flea market in Florence, Italy, a few years ago. Hope I get to go again next year! I love that city.
 bought these at f21, costa blanca & mango.
Love the ring on my index finger & my Marc Jacobs ring in the middle! 

One of my favorite Kanye tunes.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crash & Burn

So if you haven't noticed by now I'm a ring junkie. So, I thought I'd just do a post on my silver ring collection. I'll do a post on my gold/bronzed ones,,,soon. hahaha
I'm in love with armor rings, I'm hunting for ones in gold!
and I'm going to get the new YSL arty ring when I go home. and I just decided 5 minutes ago that I'm gonna get a gold watch too. hehh
A bit less than 2 months till I go home!!
I'm sick of school....not really. I can deal with school but my deadlines are always day after day...which sucks. I have exactly one more week of studying + working on my assignments until all this school sh
*t is due. wish me luck. hahaha

Without further due, here are the photos!
Sorry for the image quality, I still need to get a proper DSLR camera. 
But I think the iPhone is pretty good, for now. hahah
 The one in the middle is the armor ring that I found last week!
Love these 2.
 I'm a junkie for big rings.
 Topshop armor ring + a large knuckle ring I found.
 Junkie for connector rings too. I can't believe they're all from F21. lol don't know if that's a good or bad thing.
 3 of my favorite connector rings.
 Love them.
 Blue Blue Blue.
My favorite silver rings. 

Music Obsession: Crash & Burn by Nadia Ali