Sunday, September 26, 2010

Officially 20

images via Tommy Ton for, Jak & Jil

I officially turn 20 today, feels so weird haahah 
these are my favorite shots from fashion week, esp. the last photo! I want everything they're wearing. ahhh

I love my girls<3 thankyou for the awesome birthday!
special thanks to alicia! shes all sorts of awesome ;)

I love this song!! the beats and also cause its called September :P

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anna Is Awesome

 image via

Anna Dello Russo in Balmain.
 I love ittt.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cause I feel like posting

So its Saturday here, and we're staying in tonight after a fun night out last night downtown ;)
So I thought I should post some photos that I found during the week.

My absolute favorite fashion icon Anna Dello Russo wearing a Derek Lam dress during New York Fashion Week

I love her jeans, cutting and color
 Jak&Jil, The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton for, Tommy Ton for Sergio Rossi, Billy Farrell Agency

I'm sure that it is pretty obvious by now that I love army and olive green, double denim, Anna Dello Russo's funky, beautiful and out of the ordinary style, and crazy but awesome shoe designs. heh ;)

Another note:
I love Anna Dello Russo because she's not afraid to be different, not afraid to stand out, to wear runway looks in real life and she can pull off all these amazing looks. Thats what makes her the Anna Dello Russo.

now I'm off to do some studying!
Chao for now ;)

lastly, a tune from a show I've been watching lately
Don't you just love the opening of the song? The beats are amazing

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll take them all please

So, school has officially started for me, and I'm already wanting another vacation. 90% of the reason behind that is because I have 2 fine art history courses. yes 2. I'll be lucky to be alive by the end of the semester in December. And truth be told, I am a bit worried that I won't be able to handle the intense workload, but I'm gonna try real hard to pull through. This also means that I'm gonna be ranting about my art history courses alot. hahaha oh well

So as I was finishing up my writing assignment yesterday night, I was browsing Tommy Ton's photos for, and I must say I'm completely head over heels for the gorgeous shoes he has taken photos of. ahh

Here's a couple of my favorites!
 You can tell by now that I'm a lover for studs, abstract shapes and vibrant colours. My favorite has to be the Givenchy's in the last photo, as I wrote in my couple of posts back, I tried the black version of this shoe and almost went crazy, but the sad part is that it was one size too big for me and white was sold out. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lane Crawford Love

I love this, the music, garments, everything.

I love Lane Crawford, it carries pretty much all the shoes that you would die for.
Before I left Hong Kong, I dropped by Lane Crawford to check out their shoe collection, and I brought home these 2 babies for a very very reasonable price. I've always wanted to invest in a pair of signature black heels, and I finally found a pair that would fit all my needs in a classic black pump. These Balenciagas have an abstract shape in the front and a thin pointy heel, just what I'm looking for. Classic black with a touch of edge in it. The Marni's are my absolute favorite. I love everything about them, the colour combination, shape, and unique heel structure. ahhhh it was as if I discovered gold when I saw these Marni's.

These are not the best shots of them because I had to use my iPhone to take snapshots of them while packing for Toronto.

But yes, I'm in looooove.

PS: LANVIN FOR H&M AHHHHH, IM SO EXCITED. im gona start lining up at 6am. yup.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekly Likings

I love all of these outfits. 
Images via Stockholm Streetstyle, Vanessa Jackman, Hanelli & random

PS: missed the studded ankle boots on F21. theyre sold out on my size :( ugh!!

 Last week before I left for Toronto, I had the honour of meeting Anna Dello Russo, my absolute favorite individual in the fashion industry, at the Lane Crawford event. It was such an honour to talk to her, and I basically stuttered for a couple seconds while I was chatting with her, hahah. It was embarrassing. Either way, it was such a pleasure to meet her, and Anna was very nice & down to earth as well. The one thing that I admire about Anna the most is the fact that she is not afraid to wear garments that will shock the world. She is not afraid to carry the most daring looks, and this fearless attitude that she has for fashion is such an amazing quality about her. And the absolute best part is, only Anna can pull off these looks! :D This was the best birthday present ever, and props to my aunt for making this happen. :)