Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LANVIN x H&M picks

Obviously, like everyone is, I'm excited for the launch of the LANVIN x H&M Collection!
Even though I won't have the opportunity to wear each garment from the collection daily, I love Albert Elbaz and I love the collection. The following are my favorites! 

I love the vibrant shade of pink and mustard yellow used. I love the ballerina inspired dress in both grey and red because its so elegant and sophisticated. I was expecting that there would be more casual wear, but the dresses on the most part did not disappoint. The men's collection is even better than than the  women's I would say because of the tailoring and colors and casualness. I want a cardigan from the mens collection! Even though these are my favorites, I think I will only end up purchasing the sunglasses & skirt. I really like the skirt in white & black and the shades are a definite yes. I'm going to battle people if I have to. hahahah

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