Monday, October 11, 2010

Killing Me Softly

Managed to snap a few shots of my outfit from yesterday night's dinner!
The leather shorts are one of the best purchases I've ever made. seriously this for less than 20? I dieee.
It was a bit chilly outside so I paired them with tights and an army green blouse. ahh one can never get enough of blouses

{leather shorts- F21, army green blouse- H&M, platforms- random Asian store, Rings- YSL, Marc by Marc Jcaobs and H&M} PHOTO CREDITS: Alicia

The other pics are close-ups of my Maryjane pumps from F2, my collection of cross necklaces and another shot of my leather shorts. I still want the cross necklace from fashionology!

Things that made my week:
- Tia (Dany's mom) visiting us
(aka Korean Grill, Dumplings- wanna go there again asap cuz I didnt get the chance to actually enjoy my food last time I went there cuz of a minor incident-lol, Pickle Barrel, Bubble Tea, Pho)

hahaha so yea, I'm also considering adding snapshots of food in this blog! making it more versatile- I've been collecting photos of good food throughout summer heh

- I also discovered the ultimate place for High Tea's at a hotel in downtown. Ahhh scones here I come- the price of it is reasonable, similar to Hong Kong's. I can't wait for Friday to come!
- I finally got a pair of Levis Cuttoff's! They fit well & are comfortable, what more can I ask for? I'm looking for it in black and white denim too! Hahah my friend says that I'm gonna give them away next year cause I'll get sick of it- but I don't think so. They're classics, no one throws classic pieces away :P

 Things I need in my life:
- JC Litas in Black or Taupe
- The new Yves Saint Laurent arty ring
- More Levis Cutoff's
- More camel colored items
- High waist velvet shorts
- Lanvin x H&M

I'm going old school, love this tune, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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