Friday, September 10, 2010

Lane Crawford Love

I love this, the music, garments, everything.

I love Lane Crawford, it carries pretty much all the shoes that you would die for.
Before I left Hong Kong, I dropped by Lane Crawford to check out their shoe collection, and I brought home these 2 babies for a very very reasonable price. I've always wanted to invest in a pair of signature black heels, and I finally found a pair that would fit all my needs in a classic black pump. These Balenciagas have an abstract shape in the front and a thin pointy heel, just what I'm looking for. Classic black with a touch of edge in it. The Marni's are my absolute favorite. I love everything about them, the colour combination, shape, and unique heel structure. ahhhh it was as if I discovered gold when I saw these Marni's.

These are not the best shots of them because I had to use my iPhone to take snapshots of them while packing for Toronto.

But yes, I'm in looooove.

PS: LANVIN FOR H&M AHHHHH, IM SO EXCITED. im gona start lining up at 6am. yup.

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