Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll take them all please

So, school has officially started for me, and I'm already wanting another vacation. 90% of the reason behind that is because I have 2 fine art history courses. yes 2. I'll be lucky to be alive by the end of the semester in December. And truth be told, I am a bit worried that I won't be able to handle the intense workload, but I'm gonna try real hard to pull through. This also means that I'm gonna be ranting about my art history courses alot. hahaha oh well

So as I was finishing up my writing assignment yesterday night, I was browsing Tommy Ton's photos for, and I must say I'm completely head over heels for the gorgeous shoes he has taken photos of. ahh

Here's a couple of my favorites!
 You can tell by now that I'm a lover for studs, abstract shapes and vibrant colours. My favorite has to be the Givenchy's in the last photo, as I wrote in my couple of posts back, I tried the black version of this shoe and almost went crazy, but the sad part is that it was one size too big for me and white was sold out. 

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