Sunday, August 8, 2010


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My weekly batch of random photos that I thought were very well shot and inspired me. My favorites are the photos of Natalia Alaverdian with her leopard clutch, belt, white tee & studded pants combination because it turns simplicity into a statement. The belt put me to a loss of words, love the metallic plates and details on it. I am desperately trying to find the oversized framed black shades in  photo #4. I have those in grey but I NEED them in black...ahh and finding things in Hong Kong can become annoying when you have to spend half of the time explaining to the sales what you are looking for. Ugh. The Miu Miu clogs are the ones that I purchased back in May, and I really need to do a photoshoot with those before I leave. On the other hand, I'm currently looking for a pair of oversized Rayban wayfarers in black but it seems that the couple stores that I visited so far only sell fairly unattractive Rayban sunglasses instead of the classic Aviators or Wayfarers. Ahh the search continues

PS: I changed up my blog layout again, and I'm going to find another background image soon. but so far this is my favorite banner I have created because its simple and shows my love for Italy and fashion.

"Amore per la moda"  
will be my official blog name from now on. :) 

I've been obsessed with this song for about 3 months. Its amazing.

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