Friday, March 12, 2010

Funny how music put times in perspective

Planned on heading downtown today for a photoshoot, but the minute I woke up it was pouring outside.  So, we stayed here instead.  Once again I took photos around the same area- but because of the weather, the shots didn't turn out as good as it could be.  I hate it when it rains!! I'd rather it snowed.... Craving bubble tea but too lazy to go out...its colddddd. ahhh sun, please come out again soon!

on a brighter note- bought 4 bottles of nail polish from Urban Outfitters yesterday cause they were on sale, 2 tops from f21 (one being the fringe one) && finally found a comfy oversized sweater from Zara. && ordered my first faux leather jacket- I know I know, I'm so late- but I haven't found one I actually liked until I saw that one online :)

hmm, still thinking about the Zara clogs. and looking for a light coloured jeans blazer...hmmm

These are the good shots- ENJOY!

Black knit fringe top- F21, AA nylon leggings, favorite boots- Lane Crawford, bag- Zara, assortment of jewelry- Cartier, H&M, F21, random store

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