Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring is officially here! The sun was shining for a good 10 hours yesterday before it became dark at around 8. It was hot with a bit of wind yesterday! Feels so good. I was wearing jeans and a blazer and I felt the heat! so today I'm going to wear a boyfriend shirt AA leggings and flats instead. hahaha.

3 images that I really liked while browsing through StockholmStreetstyle the other day.
Those Miumiu platform heels are to DIE for. Great shoe design, platformed, high heeled, chunky, out of the ordinary but at the same time amazing patterns because they attract attention and have such a delightful and positive vibe.  The overall design has a romantic but modern undertone- and the best part is- It was created by Miuccia Prada, one of my favorite designers of all time. Remarkable.

I wish I had the guts to dye my hair into this type of red.


  1. 21: since when ?
    he he ;) agree with 8,11 and 22! ;)

  2. Where am I able to find knuckle rings? - sincerely a fellow fashion lover xx