Saturday, April 17, 2010

the rhymes will heal cause I believe in music

Back in Hong Kong for the summer!
Jetlag is kicking in and the weather is windy, rainy with absolutely no sun.
Which makes it rather depressing tbh, but next week the weather should be fine again...
Going to be chilling, spending time with the family and meeting up with friends that are here before I leave for my internship in Beijing!(most of my friends aren't back
These shots were taken by my sister and housekeeper & they turned out to be AMAZING.
I loved them and the wind adds an extra flow for my outfit because as you can see, I am wearing a maxi dress! :P
This summer for me is all about new things, and of course that includes trying different pieces of clothing
This will be the beginning of many new styles for me, so stay tuned! ;)

{Batwing top- Cotton On, Maxi dress- F21, Shoes- Nine West, Necklace- DIY, Rings and Bracelet- F21, Mango and H&M, A.Wang inspired bag-Zara}

PS: As you can see, I finally got my hands on the cross connector ring! Been lusting over it since it came out in January- but it never made it to the Canada site until last week. I think it sold out in 3 hours so I was lucky enough to order it right when it was put on the site. talk about being lucky! lol
I ordered the bracelet awhile ago but it was too big for me. so the minute I came home I added a couple of hoops to make it tighter (its still pretty lose but its good enough for now) I also switched it around because the other side is actually covered with rhinestones, which made it look REALLY tacky. But when you wear it switched around it looks very nice. ;) Also, I bought the sickest pair of wedges while shopping with my friend yesterday. Perfect color and perfect height. Can't wait to show it!! :P

PPS: Some facts I've realized today:
1) My hair is way too long/messed up/ consists of 3 colors/ ALOT of split ends. I have to get it fixed and dyed because I can't look at it anymore lol
2) My Nine west heels are way too big for me.
3) If the weather stays this way, I will need to buy myself a trench.
4) I actually don't own that many pairs of heels. 
5) I really need to reorganize my room so it looks like a livable space not with clothes scattered everywhere and suitcases blocking my way. lol
6) My next item to hunt for are the Miu Miu sparrow pumps. yup. going to find them on Monday!!

so random, but all fashion related :P

Lastly, one of my many favorite songs from Jay-z :)

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